Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping
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Serving the Financial Services Industry 
Since 1989 
Our mystery shopping services accurately measure staff performance, product and service knowledge, cross-selling ability, and a host of other areas.  We believe it is also an ideal way to measure the impact of training and orientation programs and provide feedback to employees about their job performance.  
Sales & Service Training
Leadership & Coaching
Coaching for Results
Performance Objectives
The term "coaching" was taken from athletics for good reason. Coaches of the workplace must achieve performance goals with a diverse group of people, all with different skills or skill levels, toward a mutual objective to produce a "winning" product or service. In a time when the competition is keen, and resources are limited, coaching is a proven way to ensure day-to-day best practices for everyone in your organization; from tellers and call center staff to lenders, support staff and managers.  
Sales and Service go hand in hand.  If your employees are not comfortably and consistently delivering great service, they will not be successful in identifiying opportunities for additional sales!  We offer on-site and train-the-trainer programs customized for your financial institution!
To manage individual performance by first establishing the standard expectations with SMART goals, then providing objective, one-on-one feedback and encouragement, your managers need Performance Objectives.  These customized tools provide consistent behavioral expectations for your staff, from customer contact personnel and support staff to supervisors. Performance Level is the bottom line.  Your prices, your policies, the quality of your products and service for every type of employee, and the tasks you perform are some of the things that make up the Performance Level.  The Personal Level is how we get treated as a customer, member, co-worker, or person, while we’re doing business.  It really takes both levels to create excellence. 
Your employees really are your best Sales & Service Advantage!