Our reports focus on employee behaviors from adherence to policies, procedures, and regulations, to professional integrity, to service recovery and sales skills. Our statistical summaries detail overall and comparative performance, rankings, and trends compared to other financial institutions both locally and nationally. These reports indicate the degree of alignment between your 'ideal' standards and those experienced by your customers or members. This 'gap analysis' provides a means to compare your past to present performance against competitors, to monitor, recognize and reward for those improvements, and to set effective future goals.

Because CIA field researchers are professionals, we can eliminate the favoritism or bias that can often 'taint' results derived from other sources. Our comprehensive training processes ensure that all field researchers understand your performance expectations and standards and can deliver accurate, objective, detailed feedback in a timely manner. Reports include both anecdotal, qualitative results and the quantitative data to support those results.
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Our reports are delivered electronically to your key personnel without having to utilize a self-serve dashboard to create your own reports.  We do the work for you!