Companies decide to do mystery shopping for many reasons, but the most common involve desiring to know:

1. The extent to which the actual customer experience reflects the brand 
    image or the experience the company wants the customer to have.
2. Whether service standards and other standards of customer engagement are 
    being met.
3. Whether training processes for staff are achieving their objectives.
4. Whether customer engagement practices are maximizing revenue or profit.
Regardless of which of these reasons are responsible for a company deciding to initiate a mystery shopping program, the information gathered during the program is almost certain to provide highly valuable intelligence that can be put to immediate, practical and profitable use.  Mystery shopping is the ONLY reliable way to quantify and benchmark the customer experience.  Mystery shopping provides data that lets you make quick adjustments so that the customer's expectations are met and the customer is satisfied.  That brings the customer back, builds loyalty and allegiance and protects the bottom line.

Ultimately, great service can drive sales and customer loyalty.  
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